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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] A lot of people when it comes to 3D printing will subconsciously associate a name - Jintao. In 2009, when he was 28 years old Jintao, and three high school classmates founded China's first company to provide 3D printing services Ming Chin Network Technology, four cheap jordans online years down, it is almost a 3D print of his painting on the equal sign. day of the interview, Jintao was busy for his "magic shop" move, because they need more space. Hall or a white wall, just out of the meeting room separated yet chairs, window dressing too late to clean up. Only another room to work non-stop production lines at cheap jordans for sale mens the moment, long tables lined up against the wall four machines, printing customized model. Next three or four people watching around the product while asking prices and the parameters, they came to visit from overseas customers orders. "We now average a month to sell more than 200 machines, sales increased steadily." Jintao sai Cheap air jordans for sale d that two years ago, Mbot first generation of products onto the market when sold less than 10 units a year, and now Their clients include Microsoft, Nike and other well-known companies, Nike's new shoe mold have relied on "print." Products are sold around the world, year in domestic and foreign sales accounting for 50%. wood-fra cheap jordans for sale me, open architecture, and the first generation of Apple's prototype somewhat quite similar, first glance thought it was semi-finished products, in fact, a desktop 3D printer, it is "classic design." The so-called "classic" reference is the world's first company to commercialize desktop 3D printer MakerBot company launched the prod cheap jordan shoes for men uct, Jintao for their product named Mbot, also pay tribute to the MakerBot. Today, Mbot has launched the second generation, print faster frame from wood became a black metal panels. And Jintao effort to invest in research and development is also mainly third-generation product, "feedback from customers and dealers point of view, th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ey are required to produce bigger, more sophisticated model of the surface of products, which is probably our direction." more than a year ago, the initial venture partner has divestment Jintao persevered. "Nothing can take it, can not only technological innovation, you will be a slow to catch up." Jintao said he was not short of Retro jordans for sale money, the venture from her door had not been reduced, but the company is more important now It is technology. A month ago, Ming Chin Technology Europe unit was established in Sweden, is said to cooperate in a very short time to achieve. "Hit it off, simply because the other party can provide technical support." As a new technol cheap foamposites ogy of rapid prototyping, 3D printing without conventional molding, mass production, etc., faster, more efficient, and therefore, although 3D printing for most ordinary people is very strange, but in the design circles, there have been more and more people favor this technique. Such a blue ocean, it will definitely attract more and Retro jordans for sale more entrepreneurs such as Jin Tao added. Less than a year, domestic production companies on a desktop 3D printer more forty-five. Jintao business cards printed in English sentence "Made in The Future" (future manufacturing), on Jin Tao and Ming Chin Technology, this is the goal now, and also their efforts. (Chinese shoes Networ Cheap air jordan 12 ovo k - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)release date: January 10, 2015 release date: January 24, 2015 release date: February 14, 2015 release date: February 14, 2015 release date: February 2015 release date: March 14, 2015 release date: March 28, 2015Mainland famous shoe brand Freeman has brought a full texture DELUXE TAYLOR horsehide shoes, it is worth noting that this is a collection of Freeman's latest technology. What is new technology, it is on the upper with no inside without sewing craft, so it looks a lot of shoe body to clear, only a few of the cable. This time on the thickness of 2mm material selection horsehide, leather oil seems high, it also makes full sense shiny shoes, long dress and pale shades of a natural texture. Insole is developed using Freeman comfort system, a foot down, clearly felt the soft pedal feel. The shoes have been on sale now and can be purchased through major retail outlets and the online store Freeman. as few rely on hand-made shoes manufacturers, Pantofola D'Oro illustrated, there is no doubt also carefully cut and polish the product, whether it is on leather elasticity show, or reflects the shoe body every inch of details, turned each page, the football loving you will is a kind of enjoyment. Source: soccerbible

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