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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Apple and Nike, a giant in the field of electronic products, is a pioneer in sports brand, if we do not watch alone, and let the two collide together, will produce what kind of spark it? Every time these two put together, I would think over and over again:?? Apple Why not collected on my wrist wear Nike Why not direct a music somatosensory meter it can be called iNike + Apple with Nike in 2006 have had cooperative based sports + iPod music, introduced a kit: Nike + shoes with a sensor and a wireless receiver can dock the iPod. Accordingly iPod to record the wearer's running and workout experience. Apple store is still put them as peripheral to sell their products. 2011, Nike launched the Nike + Fuelband wristband. In November, the United States, Canada and the UK Apple store and online stores started selling FuelBand. Although, Apple's online store also sells Philips Smart bulbs Hue, also sold Sennheiser headphones also sell Disney cheap jordans online stylus, but reason to believe that Apple is more intimate than with Nike them: 2012 July Sun Valley Allen & amp; Co Annual Conference, Apple CEO Cook photographed by the media, was not yet listed wore Nike + FuelBandIce farther, as early as in November 2005. Cook on Apple COO of Nike joined the board and became a member of Nike's Remuneration Committee. Sit tight now. With these leading edge, it exhausted me out, I hope two fit aspiration is not so off-line, the following is the depth of the mentality of: two brand connotation very close Nike with Apple's Steve Jobs era to the user the impression is: go its own way, simple, cool. Here, the "movement" this element also dynamic, toughness and humane care - in this sense, the Nike brand is too rich apple cores. Tim & middot; Cook is taking the refined style, obviously not continue Steve Jobs-style pull cool style, but also get rid of the inherited type Joe temper ScottForstall, in addition to hardware main push Siri, Maps Retro jordans for sale , Passbook even Apple TV services are playing cards. It is worth the lowered stance, the accumulation of resources and advice to the Nike brand marketing experience, learn planning, "to live out your great". two have exposure to the dilemma, Nike and more changes in kinetic energy Although become history after the listing of companies with the highest values ??of the United States, but the death of Steve Jobs, Apple innovation ineffective. He tried on the product now seems merely mend: elongated iPhone, squeeze a small iPad, iPod thinning Q3 last year Apple in the global smart phone shipments in the share fell to 15%, while last year this figure Q1. or 23% .iPad site is also Android tablet have eroded. Just push maps, trough point victory highlights; Apple TV not start, opponents have been shipped. Cook tried iPhone5 new dimension, the new data interface, to construct a closed hardware ecosystem, and try to provide users with voice, maps, payment and other services. But in Cheap air jordans for sale product Conservative background, which only shows that: Apple is still very strong, but not cool. You can transition into another Amazon it? People Bezos has today layouts for 15 years. Nike flies also unhappy. 2013 fiscal year, it Q1 (2012 ?? June to August), net profit Q2 (September to November) two quarters were down 12 percent and 18 percent. It is the highest hopes China market also hurt it most , sales fell 11 percent to $ 577 million. He said that the recession in Europe, its German rival Adidas has the potential to chase very fierce: Q3 (July to September) net profit rose 14 percent to 344 million euros, is expected in 2013 will achieve double-digit growth. That's why last year, Nike hurry to change, and has sold Umbro, ColeHaan and other sub-brands, determined to focus on the more potential Nike, Jordan, Converse, Hurley and other main brands, but also began to test the water and electricity providers , social media marketing business from AKQA, W + K, Mindshare an Cheap air jordan 12 ovo d R / GA and other agents back, autonomous operation. dilemma dilemma return, I only sport Nike blind can not help but praise. A sports apparel and equipment company, changes in vision and speed up no less in technology companies, it unfolded and pulled the brand spirit still cool: fast adaptation, strong lead awareness, flexible and decisive action. JustDoIt. This spirit, it is precisely at this stage of the need to boost Apple, reconstruction. The rise wearable devices, is the opportunity they together There are rumors that Apple in the development of iWatch, plans to Bluetooth and iOS products to more micro-transplant. The same attempt, Nike played with earlier and more handsome: early in 2011, just like Nike company TomTom GPS and map co-launched a sports watch Nike + SportWatchGPS, in addition to the expected movement within the metering, GPS positioning, this table also You can take to identify the peripheral heart rate. Even better, last month, the Dutch Internation cheap jordans for sale mens al Cooperation Bank released a report that Apple's recent acquisitions may TomTom. Coming back to "measuring heart" it. This thing is nothing more difficult, there are already APP With the tablet's camera can be realized. But I want to say is, with carry sensors to detect physical fitness, health data, and then towards the somatosensory Interactive Intelligence, this way, people catching large ones. After flat era, everyone knows wearable equipment is the next trend, but if the content with the handheld device into a suit of armor equipment, technology still in touch interaction and voice interaction level, a bit too complacent. In the era of wearable technology, it is worth playing somatosensory Interactive Intelligence. In this direction, whether it is glasses, gloves, watches, clothing and footwear, user demands are to the human body hanging open, even to a virtual organ can be embedded and ran to the future. When it comes to human exploration and services, which is Nik Retro jordans for sale e's housekeeping skills. In it, innovation and technology to explore consciousness Nike products is no less in Coban technology companies. Shock absorption, support, help ...... do sports clothing and equipment came from Nike technology accumulated on ergonomics from the 1970s began, it Sike is how to make equipment to adapt to people, service people. From the 1980s, plus air cushion again starting at AirMax series of sports shoes, just a shock-absorbing cushion, come up with at least seven kinds of technology, explore approaching extreme. Nike also experimental spirit from the traditional sports equipment shop to the digital peripherals: with body sensor wristband, shoes, watches. Last June, it also released a named Coach tried Tablet PC. Each are lead, not follow the trend of mediocrity. I joked that Tiger sniffing article, Nike really "JustDoIT". Not long ago, Nike pushed through a wooden golf club VR_SCovert One bright spot is that by increasing the moment of inertia of th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e club to increase fault tolerance. This technological prowess with geeks temperament, the current consumer electronics companies where there? Technology is instrumental, and the technology is the tendency to find a landing entity. Apple tried to music, tried communication, with Nike tried sports, but also tried to move a large platform, but only meet in the visual and auditory entertainment, to meet the catch of the eye with your finger is too limited, and may wish to do some in-depth exploration . And it has been in the outdoor arena excavation consumer demand and Nike, is there such a return to the technical capacity of the tool, allowing users to rely on tools to be alone, to perceive the self. Finally, Apple money Last September iPhone5 release, Apple's share price has fallen since then the highest of $ 702 to $ 527 to about 25 percent, more worry is that, while the lack of innovation, the money to spend more while in the hands of not out. Cook released last year, mor cheap foamposites e than 400 billion dollars in dividends and stock repurchase plan, but more than 1,200 apple billion in cash held by the end of fiscal 2013 also expected to rise to more than 1500 million. and Nike, tut, with a total market capitalization of $ 47 billion, but also. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Weaving technology with its lightweight, breathable, follow the natural rhythm of multiple advantages quickly became the preferred solution and all kinds of shoes, in recent years the Under Armour stride forward singing militant songs launched the first run SpeedForm Slingshot. Is this type of popular brand, recently issued a further series of colorful Monochromatic. Dyneema SpeedForm Slingshot as the upper fiber though, but tough but unusually, at the same time compared to other brands of similar products more suitable for the instep, and is equipped with a Pebax sign; insole provides a more perfect excellent cushioning and feedback cheap jordan shoes for men . The-Under-Armour-SpeedForm-Slingshot-Monochromatic-Pack-is-Now-Available-Main-e1.jpg (80.28 KB, download number: 8) download Under Armour Speedform Slingshot MonoChromatic 2016-6-11 12:31 upload The-Under-Armour-SpeedForm-Slingshot-Monochromatic-Pack-is-Now-Available-1-e1465.jpg (115.99 KB, download number: 3) download Under Armour Speedform Slingshot MonoChromatic 2016-6-11 12:31 upload The-Under-Armour-SpeedForm-Slingshot-Monochromatic-Pack-is-Now-Available-2-e1465.jpg (115.91 KB, download number: 1) download Under Armour Speedform Slingshot MonoChromatic 2016-6-11 12:31 upload The-Under-Armour-SpeedForm-Slingshot-Monochromatic-Pack-is-Now-Available-3-e1465.jpg (95.81After the exposure of several giant Air Jordan end engraved 11 Retro Legend Blue finally overwhelmed released HD photos map group, believe this back to show you the beauty can let you satisfy first. This section uses a very similar to Columbia and the white and blue color, let you aftertaste when cheap jordans for sale Michael Jordan feet quegli take the white classic shoes. Air Jordan 11 as a design patent has fascinated, and the back shoe body use white patent leather and cloth stitching, collocation Blue Crystal outsole and uppers decorated with blue Jumpman, with black lining. With the launch of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Air Jordan may make love 11 friends to regain its former memory, you can lock below the available information oh. item: 378037-117 release date: December 20th air-jordan-11-retro-legend-blue-1.jpg (39.85 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue 2014-11-27 19:58 upload air-jordan-11-retro-legend-blue-2.jpg (36.58 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue 2014-11-27 19:58 upload air-jordan-11-retro-legend-blue-3.jpg (84.26 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue 2014-11-27 19:58 upload air-jordan-11-retro-legend-blue-4.jpg (41.8 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Legend Blue 2014-11-27 19:58 upload Nike Air Force 1 Hi Duckboot originated from 2010 autumn / winter at the earliest. Nike Sportswear tries to apply the design concept of Duckboot outdoor work boots to the classic Air Force 1 Hi, and the effect is even more artificial. This will be published in the autumn and winter version of the whole body of the shoe leather still a brown leather texture shoes, toe Khaki duck workmanship waterproof material fabric, and in the end has a toe work boots need some reinforcement design, in addition to the collar of the shoe and lining with wool for details, but by the end of the adhesive made. The red shoelace design lights up the shoes and looks rather stylish and rugged. This section is expected to be on sale in October and is now booked at CrookedTongues, and friends who want to start may be more careful. Ransom, by, Adidas, Originals, Tantalus, Boot2012, Air, Jordan, 12 generation, reissue, issue comments on last article: Ransom by Adidas Originals Tantalus Boot next article: 2012 Air Jordan 12 generation reissue issue recently from Oregon, Poler invited to the sports brand Nike's other regional Nike ACG cooperate with the classic outdoor shoes Trainerendor as the blueprint, brought the two new color patterns. The shoes are used in the design of anti burst mesh fabric as the main material, which combines suede shoes, with bright yellow, pink and red wine and the combination of bright colors to create a visual impact, with details of the black ink sole lightweight is the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes. /MMM new / Maison Martin Margiela 2013 autumn winter Laced Shoe leather shoes /Outdoor Vans/ Vans 2013 autumn Sk8-Hi Pro Outdoor shoes comments on last article: /MMM new / Maison Martin Margiela 2013 autumn winter Laced Shoe leather shoes next: /Outdoor Vans/ Vans 2013 autumn Sk8-Hi Pro Outdoor shoesSports players Pierce boots Nike Zoom Sharkley PE 2009-04-21 10:45:44 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: RUTHERFORD] Print & nbsp; Close [Chinese shoes Network] entire 2008-09 regular season, the "truth" Paul? Pierce were wearing their own signature shoe Nike Max P2 V in combat. But in the first playoff game, Pierce suddenly changing his shoes! And he is no longer wearing his signature shoe, but in 2007 an "old" shoes: Nike Zoom Sharkley. This pair of shoes in the last season was the first choice for many players, but until this season, when we all have to put Nike Zoom Phenom time, Pierce was doing exactly the opposite, dug up the Nike Zoom Sharkley, and openly Appearances game, I did not expect to encounter the first upset of the playoffs, losing to the Chicago Bulls junior. Pierce is worn as shown in this paragraph Nike Zoom Sharkley PE figure. This pair of shoes fit, originally based on the year of boots Buckley template design fit shoes. Despite moves enough alternative, but this shoe does not give the "truth" to bring victory. Related news

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