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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as a sponsor of the 2008 Olympic Games, O'Connell hope Nike copy mode, with the positive Olympic marketing strategy to achieve their breakthrough, will create an international brand Aokang fashion. In the past, some consumers reflect O'Connell's style is too tough, not fashion. But after July 1 O'Connell made the Olympic ceremonial shoes appeared, people suddenly see and agree with O'Connell shoes fashion side. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; with Nike as a teacher I want to sky to speed up the pace of the 2008 Olympic Games, O'Connell Marketing speed is also accelerating. O'Connell wanted to be like the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Nike, as the next Olympic Games in boosting soar. O'Connell relevant person in charge told reporters recently, has deep Aokang Olympic complex in its beginning time of registration wanted to name "Olympus", because they do not comply with the relevant provisions of the final in someone else's Under the proposed order "Olympic healthy" meaning eventually formed today's name. After the success achieved in the 2008 Olympic Games sp Cheap air jordan 12 ovo onsorship, Aokang more ambitious for himself in this set two goals: first, to enhance their brand value, shaping the image of the high-end market; the second is the brand to the world achieved recognition in the international arena. In such a goal, there are a series of generous O'Connell appeared, including the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to deliver ceremonial shoes, set the "Olympic Dream Fund" to help achieve personal welfare Olympic champion dream, and invite Liu Xiang became the spokesperson O'Connell. Especially the latter, it caused a huge sensation in the community, a time people have to inquire into the relevant circumstances O'Connell. Liu Xiang endorsement of the brand both at home and abroad well-known large enterprises, while O'Connell sponsored by Liu Xiang, succeeded in leaving the public mind, "O'Connell standing shoulder to shoulder with major brand" impression. O'Connell to become China's version of the Nike, Liu Xiang, then it may be in their minds the Chinese version of Jordan. Sales terminals, O'Connell's strategy also revolves around Liu Xiang Olympic and e cheap jordans for sale xpand, the country has 10 cities held a "wear O'Connell, won the Olympic tickets, cheer Liu Xiang" campaign, launched a strong offensive surge of the Olympic Games. Nike since 1984, from a small shoe factory inadequate for humanity as an international shoe giant, whether O'Connell can reproduce this historical trajectory, many people are watching and waiting. Show off fashion on the other side According to reports, a total of Aokang Group O'Connell, Hong Long, fire bird, Marie Claire, and focus on the international Wan Li Weide five brands. But the reporter found that although there Aokang brand like Marie Claire, KANGLONG designed specifically for young fashion brands such, but fashionable men and women do not agree with how they feel O'Connell's style or partial "hard", not fashion. Until July 1, O'Connell undertake the production of Olympic etiquette shoes debut, just so that people began to identify O'Connell shoes fashion that side. According to the President of Aokang Footwear Technology Institute ???? introduced, its design inspired by the 2008 Olympic Games main building ?? " Retro jordans for sale Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube", and the choice of white tones to highlight women's and men Brisk practical shoes, a good interpretation of the Olympic spirit. Industry experts believe that the Olympic ceremonial shoe show, in terms of O'Connell is an excellent opportunity, which the O'Connell shoe fashion design and style show in front of the public, to a certain extent, reversed the people for Aokang Shoes It does not have the fashion sense of the old impression. Sometimes the impression is a key factor in the success or failure of a brand. O'Connell said to seize this opportunity to develop a Aokang Shoes "aesthetics plus science and technology" as a new style. As an important step to strengthen the shoe fashion taste O'Connell, O'Connell recently introduced to Liu Xiang tailored three "Raymond" series of products, namely, Rui Xiang, fly and Sonata, and sketched out Brisk elegant feel. O'Connell hope Liu Xiang fashion taste through the mass recognition, as the table Ming Aokang shoes fashion taste is extraordinary. Try marketing the new model Insiders pointed out that "so far, O'Con Cheap air jordans for sale nell is not considered a complete sense of national brand, though O'Connell's official website states that their country has more than 5,000 sales outlets, but in the north, especially in Beijing, but O'Connell rarely seen since O'Connell's market is mainly concentrated in the South and Northeast. " Indeed, while O'Connell to reach 200 million to 300 million yuan in Shanghai a year in sales, but in the north has suffered "acclimatized." The reason, experts believe that the implementation is primarily O'Connell chain store model. Most of Beijing and other northern cities to consumers shopping mall-based, like the lively atmosphere and shop around, which is why Ockham reputation in Beijing's loud enough mainly because it is difficult to see in the major mall to Aokang brand. Through a series of consumer surveys, O'Connell also found problems, and timely adjustment strategies, specifically the implementation of a new marketing strategy for the northern market, product stationed more large shopping malls. Meanwhile, O'Connell also proposed the creation of "big shop" new thinking. It is under cheap foamposites stood that this is an idea from the Aokang Group President Wang Tao of the future, every "big shop" must reach hundreds or thousands of square meters in size, the features of both supermarkets and chain stores together. In addition, O'Connell also proposed to establish a "O'Connell online shopping mall", that not only have a physical store, but also in autonomous conduct online marketing business. By Wang Tao's words, that "there are thousands of stores on the ground, the air must have thousands of stores." Although the initial investment is large, but in the long run, this online shopping mall across the middle of the channel business direct sales model, would be a most cost savings and the most development potential of a new model of marketing. O'Connell senior foreseeable future will be with the Olympic O'Connell next level.atmos is a well-known Japanese fashion shoe brands celebrate 10th anniversary, recently with the Converse joint Jack Purcell classic smile shoes, both atmos x Converse Jack to Purcell Mid Melton in the design of shoes, outside the tube, inside with red plaid Scotland cheap jordans for sale mens blessing, is expected to start in December 11th in the atmos sale. 2012-5-6 07:20 upload and download the attachment (97.62 KB) Nike Dunk High recently also frequently introduced new products, color gorgeous color are presented in the summer, this time we see the Nike Dunk High AC gray canvas looks somewhat low-key, this shoe body with grey canvas material as the main material, and collocation Brown metal lace holes and shoelace buckle design, brown laces, heel and tongue tag lifting rope is very good blending of grey deep color, white in the bottom of the use of more fresh, more worthy of attention is that this section uses a striped cotton lined with colorful, comfortable effect but also quite unique connotation sense. This section is now available on Caliroots, and friends who like you can pay attention to it.Recently, the Japanese apparel brand NEIGHBORHOOD THREE BUNS restaurant and Singapore to launch a series of unexpected, restaurant focused on Southeast Asia's street-style cooking burgers, but overwhelmed by linking the two sides take the flag in addition to the injection of Haw Retro jordans for sale aiian-style shirt, shorts , hat and coat outside, NEIGHBORHOOD even participate in the production of the dishes were overwhelmed by the introduction of two burgers and cocktails can be described as unique innovative new partnership. It is reported that the series will be held on the 22nd and 28th of this month to co-branded store shelves for sale, like a friend can not miss. & Nbsp;Air Jordan 6 Retro will be sold in a particular store shoes for you tomorrow, we survey shoe currently has announced to sell finishing dealers in connection with the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling point of transaction mechanism and the way to the store announcement please. Wuchang 23 source: Nike earlier introduced Jordan XX8 SE "Bel Air", tomorrow will be sold in Taiwan, we are all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling way and place mechanism please change to the store a cheap jordan shoes for men nnouncement. summer is belong to the blood basketball season, small start of this year's whistle sounded last weekend in Shanghai, as the gathering of the whole Asian occupation of outstanding young players, Nike All Asia Basketball Camp has been held thirteenth times, over the years has produced many outstanding players, kicked off in Shanghai this year, this is Nike All Asia Basketball Camp held in Shanghai for the first time, small happy Nike should be invited to interview, especially this game directly held in Nike Greater China headquarters at the same time, we have to accept some athletes training courses. In the NIKE headquarters in Shanghai, the 2015 media show, "the media summit," mentioned in the article is the Nike to help all the media to prepare equipment and Locker. , nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-54nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-54 , nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-55nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-55 , nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-56nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-56 venue in the Liu Xiang center held, previously also helped you introduced, as a sports brand, there is an indoor ba cheap jordans online sketball court is also quite reasonable don't look at the coach's kind. The short training course makes the little boy have a little iron leg the next day, but it's very useful. He knows more about the basic movements of the chain and the muscles that the basketball needs to use. , nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-60nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-60 , nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-58nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-58 , nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-59nike-rise, Shang, Hai, event-59 NIKE ALL-ASIA BASKETBALL CAMP training camp brings together from South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hongkong and other 8 countries and regions Chinese the youth elite basketball athletes, including 60 male players and 30 female players. A strong lineup of coaches, including famous American players Bradley, Beal, DeMarcus, Cousins, and former Chinese basketball coach Wang Fei who has paid great attention to Chinese youth basketballThe composition of Nike Air Foamposite and Lil Penny Posite the Shooting, two pairs of shoes "Stars" will be set this weekend in Taiwan have been sold, we have now released pros Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping pecting shoe finishing selling way dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Momentum next month the NBA all star game will be played in New York in recent days to hold, Adidas also appeared many with the city and the culture of the shoes. Crazy 8 has become a regular customer in the shoe industry with its classic profile and impressive appearance, and almost every special festival will take it out to make changes, and let us see it in a variety of ways. This combination of Nick's version is quite suitable for use by Iman, Shumpert, or Tim Hardaway Jr. in future competitions or events. source: Sole CollectorReflective cell technology, Faas 300 V2, women's shoes, night run safer and more dazzling PUMA continues to strive for professional jogging field, its Faas family also introduced a variety of Faas series shoes to meet the different needs of runners, whether it is the pursuit of light weight or competition demand run can find a really suitable for their products in the PUMA family of Faas shoes. In the spring of 2014, PUMA Faas running shoes family again push new force, new Faas 300 V3 lightweight training shoes and Faas 500 V3 shock resistant running shoes, no matter in function or appearance, structure, each has new breakthrough. In addition to light weight characteristics, this season Faas 300 V3 more intimate shoes for women joined the reflective cell technology (visiCELL), the female runners in the night exercise in addition to show the luminous effect is relatively light, improve the safety of night during exercise. This quarter Faas 500 V3 with EverFit shoes coating system technology, the vamp, foot, heel and link structure design, make the shoes more fit feet, greatly enhance the stability and efficiency of running. This season Faas 300 V3 and Faas 500 V3 professional running shoes vamp make design more neat and concise, collocation exclusive lightweight FaasFoam chip in the bottom technology, so that each runner can feel lighter, more agile running experience. PUMA Faas 300 V3 light running shoes / March / recommended price NT$2680The new PUMA Faas 300 V3 light professional training shoes, the sole of a new generation of FaasFoam+ chip technology in the bottom, the weight is reduced by 25% compared to the previous generation, the sole lighter and more flexible, shock effect and comfort degree improved significantly. In addition, the complicated design of redundant PUMA get rid of the traditional shoe shoes, the new Faas 300 V3 by suturless cloth vamp compact, lightweight runners provide comfortable foot space, large area air net collocation, ventilation more upgrade; forefoot acquired Flex Grooves elastic groove design provides smooth linear tracking. Let the gait more smoothly. In front of the heel and sole easy to wear with exclusive EverTrack ultra wear resistant rubber material, a new generation of EverRide+ wear-resistant suspension collocation double bottom, soft elastic and wear-resistant, so this Faas 300 V3 more durable, shock effect is more significant. In addition, the new Faas 300 V3 women's shoes are better disposed of the uppers into exclusive reflex cell technology (visiCELL), which improves the safety of female runners at night. Jordan Brand recently in the launch directory finally open a large number of? Jordan CP3.VI AE the latest color if, in addition to black and red color a murderous and a vamp use special Carbon embossed color, and the boat shirt very match blue red color, this time? AE? (Artisan Edition) the biggest change is the special version of the shoe, people really looking forward to it performance after the listing, in the bottom part is maintained and the original, the three color will be abroad 4 months? No. 17 Listed pricing would be $125, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up information. source: sneakernews? As one of the original color, the 1999 release of Air Jordan 14 "Indiglo" will be engraved in 2016 for the first time, this news is undoubtedly the OG style to collate shoe is good news, but because there are currently only available information and booking process, real shoe appearance and style is differ from the original are for the official the public can see. Air Jordan 14 'Indiglo' is expected to debut next fall, with no detailed date of sale. source: operator EDtrigger private collection

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